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 OOC Information

NAME; Callie
AGE; 20

IC Information
CHARACTER NAME; Twilight Sparkle
AGE; Young adult, exact age is unknown
CANON; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
CANON POINT; Post-Season 3
Deep Savers, Metal Empire, Jungle Troops, Virus Busters

APPEARANCE; Usually, Twilight is a lavender-colored unicorn, but she will be turned into a human for the game. In her human form, Twilight has long purple hair with hot pink streaks. She will have peach-colored skin, purple eyes, and a purple unicorn horn atop of her head. She will also have a pair of lavender wings on her back. Her clothing will consist of a lavender shirt with a pink six-pointed star in the middle along with five smaller-looking white stars. She will also wear a short dark purple skirt and a pair of purple and pink boots.

PERSONALITY; Twilight is a very kind and sweet girl. She is very studious, and can often be found studying or reading a good book, even if she’s read it hundreds of other times. She is a responsible and well-organized unicorn who is very good at planning things and has great leadership abilities. While Twilight is a nice person, she has a bad tendency to over-work herself and she can get stressed out very easily. She also has somewhat of a temper and gets irritated with the crazy antics of others, but she has slowly learned to accept others for who they are.

Twilight is the apprentice of Equestria’s ruler, Princess Celestia. Twilight has learned much from her mentor, and this and her natural ability with magic has made her a very smart and powerful pony. Twilight takes her studies very seriously, and she enjoys learning new things. She wants to be the best that she can be, so she practices magic endlessly to master whatever spells that she can get her hooves on. No matter what the spell, Twilight will practice it over and over until she gets it right. Her studies have made her highly intelligent, but she isn’t very sociable or athletic because of it, though she has been slowly becoming better at both. Twilight prides herself in her magical ability, but she tries not to be too prideful in order to not annoy or anger her friends.

While she starts out as a loner who had no intention of making friends, Twilight has learned the many values of friendship and has grown to cherish it. She loves her five best friends more than anything in the world and is more than willing to give up being Celestia’s student to stay with them and is also willing to give up her own life to protect them. This also includes her family, particularly her older brother Shining Armor and sister-in-law Princess Cadence, and her assistant Spike, who she has raised since she hatched him the day she gained her Cutie Mark. She is also very loyal to Princess Celestia and her ultimate fear is letting down her mentor. Twilight always seeks to do the right thing and she will do anything for the ponies that she loves.

HISTORY; Twilight was born and raised in Equestria in the prestigious city of Canterlot. She had a fairly normal upbringing, living with her parents and her older brother Shining Armor, who she was very close to. She was also close to her foal-sitter, an Alicorn princess named Cadence. When a filly, Twilight went to see Equestria’s ruler, Princess Celestia, raise the sun at the yearly Summer Sun Celebration. The display amazed Twilight, who decided that she wanted to become as great with magic as the princess. She taught herself basic spells, such as turning a page of a book with magic. Her parents enrolled her into a school for gifted unicorns, but Twilight had to pass an entrance exam to get it. The exam involved using magic to hatch a dragon egg, but Twilight found that she couldn’t do it. But a sudden boom caused her magic to increase and she not only hatched the egg, but she caused the instructors to levitate and she turned her parents into plants. She also aged the baby dragon, but her out-of-control magic was stopped by Princess Celestia, which caused the effects to be undone.

Impressed by Twilight’s raw power, Celestia took the young foal in as an apprentice and Twilight also gained her Cutie Mark that day. Twilight was given the baby dragon to be raised as her assistant, and she named him Spike. For the next few years, Twilight would be taught all about magic by the princess and would become focused on her studies. This caused her to drift away from Shining Armor and to become anti-social because of the devotion she put into studying. When older, Twilight read about Nightmare Moon, a powerful Alicorn who wished to cause eternal night to Equestria, but was sealed in the moon by Celestia. Twilight believes that she will be free soon and tries to warn Celestia, but instead she and Spike are sent to Ponyville to over-see the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration. Twilight reluctantly accepted the task and met five ponies named Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. They all wanted to be friends with her, but Twilight didn’t want friends and she believed that all of Ponyville was crazy.

When the Celebration was about to start, Celestia was nowhere to be found and Nightmare Moon appeared, having indeed been free and she begins to spread her eternal darkness. Twilight discovers that only the legendary Elements of Harmony can stop Nightmare Moon and to her disdain, the five ponies she had met refused to leave her side and went with her to find the Elements in the Everfree Forest, which most ponies fear. During this, Nightmare Moon tried to stop the five ponies and used her magic to cause monsters to attack the six ponies or to cause some kind of obstacle. During each incident, Twilight was helped by the five ponies, and she slowly began to warm-up to them. Soon, the six reached the broken-down area that housed the Elements of Harmony but when Twilight tried to activate them, Nightmare Moon abducted her and stole the Elements.

Twilight faced Nightmare Moon and was able to trick her into lowering her guard so that she could again try to activate the Elements, Not only did she fail, but Nightmare Moon destroyed them right before her eyes. Twilight felt all was lost, until she heard the five ponies searchign for her, which caused the ‘spark’ that she had been trying to cause. She realized that her five friends represented the Elements Honesty (Applejack), Kindness (Fluttershy), Generosity (Rarity), Laughter (Pinkie Pie), and Loyalty (Rainbow Dash). Twilight at last accepts them as her friends, which allows a sixth element to appear, the Element of Magic. This turns into a crown while the five previously destroyed Elements turn into necklaces and together, the six ponies use the Elements to defeat Nightmare Moon.

The girls lose consciousness, but when they wake up they see that the night is gone and Princess Celestia appears before them. Nightmare Moon has been reverted back into Princess Luna, the younger sister of Celestia and the two reconcile. Celestia is proud of her student for being able to find the Elements and save Equestria, but Twilight feels sad as she’ll now have to leave her new friends. Celestia then decides to give Twilight a new task; to study the magic of Friendship in Ponyville,. This means that Twilight can both remain with her friends and continue her studies, making her happy.

Throughout season 1, Twilight learns several lessons such as having to choose between friends and learning to admit her reluctance in doing this and hurting their feelings (“The Ticket Master”), how to realize that it’s okay to be prideful of her skills as long as she doesn’t act vain about it (“Boast Busters”), how to accept what she is good at and to find her place among other ponies (“Winter Wrap-Up”), and various other lessons concerning friendship. She has faced several problems during her stay in Ponyville, such as dealing with the boastful unicorn Trixie (“Boast Busters”) and facing monsters such as a Hydra (“Feeling Pinkie Keen”) and a dragon (“Owl’s Well That Ends Well”). One day, Twilight tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders, a trio of fillies with no Cutie Marks, on how she gained her’s and she later learned that Rainbow Dasdh unknowingly caused the boom that increased Twilight’s magic. This had also caused the other four ponies to gain they’re cutie marks, and they realize that they were connected before they even met. This makes they’re bond even stronger.

The first season ends with Twilight and her friends attending the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot, which Twilight hopes to sue as an opportunity to spend time with her mentor. Things don’t go as planned, and the night ends in a disaster for the six ponies. Celestia is pre-occupied with the other guests, and Twilight is able to barely spend any time with her, After a huge incident caused by a series of events, the six ponies go to a local donut shop to get over their misery, but Celestia arrives and declares that it was the best Grand Galloping Gala she had ever been at. Twilight and the other girls cheer up, making the night a little bit better.

Season 2 begins with a strange series of event occurring, such as the clouds raining chocolate milk and the animals gaining strange body types. Twilight tries to undo all of this with her magic, but it fails. The six are then called to Canterlot by Celestia, who tells them that the chaos is being caused by the recently freed God of Chaos, Discord. He once ruled Equestria with an iron-fist and caused havoc for everypony until Celestia and Luna used the recently-discovered Elements of Harmony to seal him away. Since the six ponies are the only ones who can use the Elements now, Celestia asks them to seal Discord gain… only to find that the Elements are gone!

Discord appears along a stained-glass window, revealing that he stole the Elements and he leaves the ponies a riddle on where to look for them. Twilight believes that the riddle leads to the maze and she and her friends head to face Discord. The God of Chaos uses his power to steal Twilight and Rarity’s horns and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash’s wings to make sure that they can’t have an advantage. He also separates the six in the maze and he breaks down all but Twilight, turning them against their respective element. This causes Rainbow to abandon the five and upon reaching the end of the maze, Twilight finds that Discord never said that the Elements were in the maze, so she caused her friends to be broken. She then realizes that the Elements are at her library in the very book that she first learned about themt. She leads her four changed friends there, and she finds the Elements.

Twilight uses Spike as the Element of Loyalty with Rainbow gone, and she convinces her friends to help by convincing them that after this, they’ll never have to see each other again. But Twilight finds that the Elements don’t work as her friends have turned against they’re Element and they quickly abandon her, which causes her to break and turn from her element. She decides to leave Ponyville, but Celestia sends Twilight back the friendship reports that she has written when she discovered a lesson on friendship. Twilight reads them back over, which causes her to return to her old self and regain hope that she can save her friends and Equestria. She confronts her friends and uses a memory spell to remind them of their friendship and to restore them to they’re old selves. The six girls face Discord again and with they’re friendship again strong, they turn the God of Chaos into stone.

The next episode, “Lesson Zero” happens not long after the fight with Discord, and Twilight realizes that she hasn’t learned anything about friendship for a week. She fears that this will cause Celestia to force her to return to Canterlot and be demoted, which causes her to frantically try to find a problem to resolve., She finds none and her friends don’t think of her problem as anything serious, which causes her to snap and to create an incident herself., She uses her old doll and a powerful spell to make the Cutie Mark Crusaders fight over the town, but the spell also ends up affecting the rest of the town. She confesses this to her friends, and the spell is only stopped by the timely arrival of Celestia, who Spike had called out of concern for Twilight. The five believe that Twilight is going to be punished, so they go and confess that they didn’t take Twilight seriously and that they should have been there for her. This causes Celestia to allow Twilight to stay and she assigns all six of them to send her friendship reports, whenever they learn one, that is.

 Sometime later, Twilight befriends and helps Princess Luna become more accepted with the ponies after she had reformed during “Nightmare Night”, a holiday devoted to Nightmare Moon. Luna has trouble with learning modern customs and her past as Nightmare moon still scares others. Twilight tries hard to help her, but Luna is having a difficult time to the point where she nearly cancels Nightmare Night. It isn’t until she saves a young foal that Luna beins to adjust and she starts to become more accepted b other ponies, much to Twilight’s happiness.

The second season ends with Twilight and her friends being invited to the wedding of Twilight’s brother, Shining Armor. Twilight is angered when she gets the news, not having even known that her brother was dating and she realizes that she has grown distant form him since she came to Ponyville., She confronts her brother, but she forgives him and is happy when she becomes the best-mare and when she realizes that Shining Armor is marrying her former foal-sitter Cadence. But upon encountering Cadence again, the Alicorn seems to have no memory of her and seems rather mean and rude not only to Twilight, but to everyone but Shining Armor. Everyone believes that this is because she is stressed about the wedding, but Twilight isn’t convinced and she becomes further concerned when she sees Cadence use a spell on her brother when he has a head-ache. She confronts Cadence at the wedding rehearsal, which upsets Cadcence and answers Shining Armor, who says that the spell was to cure his headache. He bands Twilight form the wedding and her friends walk out on her, including Celestia. Cadence appears to go to comfort her, but she instead uses a spell to trap Twilight underground to prevent her from interfering in her plans.

Twilight finds herself in a long-forgotten underground cavern and she is mocked b Cadence, which causes Twilight to try and fail to blast her. She then destroys some crystal, and she finds a messed-up and weak Cadence, who tries to tell Twilight that the Cadence she saw was a fake. Twilight doesn’t believe her until Cadence does the dance that she and Twilight did when they were younger. This makes Twilight realize that the real Cadence had been imprisoned, and the two go to escape and save Shining Armor. They reach the wedding just in time and Cadence reveals the other pony to be Queen Chrysalis, a Changling. Chrysalis reveals herself, having taken on Cadence’s appearance to make Shining Armor fall in love with her and she used this to increase her magic. This causes her to defeat Celestia and Twilight and her friends go to get the Elements, but the Changlings stop them. The girls feel regret for not trusting Twilight and they apologize to her, but Twilight doesn’t blame them for anything as she secretly frees Cadence and tells her to free Shining Armor form the mind-control spell. Cadence is able to do so, snd she and Shining Armor use they’re love and combined magic to banish away the Changlings. The wedding commences with Twilight organizing everything and she is again made the best mare. She also learns one of the reasons why Cadence married Shining Armor; to gain her as a sister. Twilight sings as the reception and she and her brother have one more sibling moment before Shining Armor and Cadence leave for their honeymoon.

Sometime later, Twilight goes to Canterlot to take a test, but she ;learns that she must instead go to the recently-returned Crystal Empire to  learn why it has returned. She is also told that she, and she alone must save the Crystal Empire. Twilight and her friends head there and meet with Shining Armor before they are attacked by the evil King Sombra, the former ruler of the Crystal Empire. The girls get safely to the Empire, but Shining Armor has his magic blocked. They meet with Cadence, who is exhausted from using her magic to protect the Empire for days with no rest. Twilight and her friends go out to find out what happened to the Empire, and they find that all the Crystal Ponies are depressed and have amnesia. They soon learn about the Crystal Heart Fair, which was used to spread love throughout the empire, The girls organize a fair, but they soon discover that the Fair was to power the crystal Heart relic, which the ponies don’t have. With Cadence growing weaker by the minute, Twilight goes to find the Crystal Heart with Spike going after her.

Twilight finds that the Crystal Heart is in the palace and she unlocks a secret chamber in the throne room. She finds a door but when she goes through it, she finds herself back in Canterlot where Celestia tells her that she failed and that she is dismissed as her apprentice. Twilight is snapped out of this by Spike, and Twilight realizes that the door causes an illusion of a pony greatest fear, Spike has a vision of Twilight abandoning him, but she assures  him that she would never do that and she uses a spell to make the door safe to pass. She invites Spike to come along, having been reluctant initially to allow him to come. She soon manages to find the Crystal Heart, but Sombra uses a spell to trap her. She knocks the Crystal heart to Spike and despite having been told that only she can save the Empire, she tells Spike to take the Crystal heart and to save the Empire. He goes and he and Cadence have the Crystal Ponies unite and banish away Sombra for good. The Empire is fully restored and Sombra’s evil is undone and while she is glad, Twilight fears that Celestia will now reject her as she wasn’t the one who saved the Empire. But Celestia points out that it was her who told Spike to go on and that she sacrificed what she believed was her place as Celestia’s student in order to save everypony else. Having realized the meaning of self-sacrifice, Twilight passes the test.

Later as Twilight is practicing magic tricks to meet with some higer-up ponies, Trixie form “Boast Busters” returns and she challenges Twilight to a Magic Duel. Trixie, having appeared to have grown stronger, wins and she banishes Twilight from Ponyville while trapping the rest of the ponies into becoming her slaves. Twilight retreats to Everfree Forest and she meets with her friend Zecora, a wise zebra, who teaches her more about magic. Twilight is soon met by Fluttershy ,who escaped Ponyville and she tells Twilight about what Trixie is doing to the town. Trixie has the Alicorn Amulet, a powerful artifact that slowly corrupts the user. Twilight goes to challenge Trixie again, tricking her into believing that she has a stronger amulet and she and her friends use theater tricks to make the spells appear real. Trixie removed the Alicorn Amulet, which allows Rainbow Dash to grab it and hand to Zecora and Twilight reveals that her own amulet is a doorstop and it was all an act. Trixie appears to reform, but she is still boastful as she again leaves Ponyville while Twilight performs for the higher-up ponies.

Later, Celestia orders the six friends to reform Discord and they free him with the Elements. Fluttershy is, shockingly, able to reform Discord, but Celestia leaves the Elements with Twilight just in case he turns evil again. One night, Twilight is sent a book by Celestia and she is instructed to perform a spell within it, She tries, but nothing appears to happen until she wakes the next day and she finds that her friend’s Cutie Marks have all been switched, ads well as they’re destinies. She realizes that this is what the spell did and she falls into depression until Spike encourages her to save her friends. This causes a magical reaction, and Twilight realizes how to save her friends,. She gets her frineds to perform they’re original destinies, which makes them realize what they are destined to do and Twilight gives them they’re Element, restoring they’re memories and they’re Cutie Marks. Twilight and her friends celebrate, when Twilight remembers Celestia’s instructions to also finish the spell and she goes to the library and does so. The Elements react and Twilight is surrounded by magic,. Her friends panic, but Twilight calmly smiles, accepting that whatever happens will be okay, She vanishes.

Twilight finds herself in a strange empty void, where she is greeted by Celestia who congratulates her on finishing the spell with her understanding of the magic of friendship and announces her ready. Twilight is confused as Celestia shows her memories of all of her accomplishments since she went to Ponyville and tells her that it is time for her to fulfill her destiny, causing Twilight’s magic to surround her. Twilight returns to Ponyville and before her friends, and she now has a pair of wings. She has become an Alicorn and Celestia tells her that she is now a princess, having proven herself worthy and capable of holding this title. Twilight’s coronation soon follows, where she gives a speech on friendship and how she wouldn’t have become a princess if it weren’t for her friends. She thanks them and tells them that she loves them. Twilight flies through the sky, declaring that “everything is going to be just fine.”

FIRST PERSON; Dear_mun 1, Dear_mun 2
THIRD PERSON; (Takes place during "Magical Mystery Cure")

As she stood on the balcony, waving at the cheering crowds, Twilight had to ask herself “Is this really happening?” Everything had happened so quickly, her friends Cutie Marks being switched, her finding a way to save them, being transported to a strange void, and now here she was, an Alicorn princess. It was still so much to take in. She felt so happy, she felt so grateful that her mentor believed that she was ready to follow in her footsteps. Her mentor had so much faith in her… but Twilight wasn;t so sure that she had that faith in herself.

Now her mentor, Princess Celestia, asked her to speak before her ponies. Twilight looked before the crowd, not sure what to say. But the comforting presence of her mentor helped her gain courage. She began to speak, and as she spoke of the Princess sending her to study friendship, it became easy to speak. She called out her five best friends, the ponies who made her who she is now. She saw the tears of joy in their eyes, and Twilight felt her own tear sbuilding up. She owed so much to these ponies.

As she finished her speech and began to walk back into the palace with her friends, Twilight thought back to the day she first went to Ponyville. She thought of that lonely, studious Unicorn who refused to make friends. She would rather study than meet anypony. But now? She had friends, she was happy, and she wouldn’t change anything.


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